Making an Offer for Sellers

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Making an Offer 

Offers are initiated by buyers where they propose a certain amount for an item that is lower than the listed price. If the offer is accepted by the seller, the purchase is then formally processed and fulfilled as normal.

How does Making an Offer work for sellers?

When you list an item, Making an Offer instantaneously becomes available to all buyers. They are guaranteed sale and are considered as normal transactions once accepted. Offers are limited to no less than 80% of your listed price.

How many days do I have to accept or reject an Offer?

Once an offer is made, an email notification is sent and you have 3 days to either accept or reject an offer. 

If you do not respond within 3 days, the offer will automatically be cancelled.

Can I counter an Offer?

An Offer cannot be countered at this stage. If the offer is too low, we recommend that you message the buyer using our messaging system and from there, negotiate a price that is agreeable to both to restart the transaction.

I have rejected an Offer and a different price has been agreed upon. What should I do?

If both you and the buyer agreed on a different price that is not the Offer, you can reject the Offer and the buyer will need to send another Offer.

I have accepted an Offer, however, I need to cancel the sale.

Once an Offer is accepted, it cannot be cancelled. Please contact our Customer Service Team and we will help issue a refund for you.

I have accepted an Offer and the item has successfully been delivered, however, I haven’t received the payment

As with all transactions, sellers are asked to “Receive” the item from their dashboard to trigger the transfer of payment. Once completed, you shall receive the money within 3-5 business days in your elected bank account.

Note that sellers are also given 7 days upon receiving the item to open a dispute should the item not match the description.

Offer has been accepted, however, the payment could not be processed

There are several issues why some payments fail and in some cases, it could be because:

  • Payment information entered are incorrect
  • There is no sufficient balance to continue processing payments
  • Account has not yet been verified by Stripe (our payments processor

Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team so we can help investigate further, and identify what could be causing the failure of your payment.

In some cases, buyers may have missed clicking “Item Received” on their dashboard. This triggers the transfer of payment after an item has been successfully delivered. Unless a dispute is opened, feel free to contact us and we can manually do this from our end.

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