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My Wardrobe is where you can see all the items you have purchased from our retail partners or the AirRobe marketplace, as well as any items you have manually added.


Every time you purchase a new item from one of our retail partners, simply tap ‘Add to AirRobe’ and we'll automatically pull the details of your purchase and upload it into your wardrobe.  Any purchases you make on the AirRobe marketplace will also automatically show in your wardrobe.  If you forget to add a purchase to your wardrobe before placing an order with one of our partners or if you have another item you wish to repurpose, you can manually add products.


TIP: Make sure you use the same email address as your AirRobe account when purchasing from one of our partners to ensure that items are automatically pulled into your wardrobe.


You can filter the items in your wardrobe by:

  • Public - items that are listed for sale or rent on the marketplace.
  • Private - items that are not yet repurposed and only visible to you.
  • Sold - items that have been purchased.
  • Pending - items that are being reviewed by our team.  It may take up to 48 hours for them to be approved and edited.
  • Rejected - items that were not approved by our team.  You may be able to amend the listing and resubmit it for approval.  Please refer to the email you received explaining why the listing was rejected.

You can edit items that are public, private and pending.  Please note, editing pending listings will delay the time it takes for the the listing to be approved.  You may also be able to amend items that are rejected and resubmit them for approval. 


The following information is also available in your wardrobe:

  • Total Estimated Resale Value - this is for all items in your wardrobe.  It is calculated based on the RRP, material, brand and category. 
  • Money earned - this is the total amount you have earned from items sold (not including any refunds) prior to the AirRobe fee being deducted.
  • CO2 offset - this is the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions as a result of the items that you have sold on AirRobe.

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