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Buying pre-loved clothes gives fashion a longer life and keeps it out of landfill. 

  • Browse hundreds of your favourite brands from our fashion-loving community on the AirRobe Marketplace.

  • Choose your delivery method (if applicable i.e. if pick-up is available).
  • Select "Buy" and log in to your account or follow the simple instructions to create an account.

  • Add your payment and delivery details.

  • The seller has 3 calendar days to accept or decline the transaction.  If the seller does not respond, the transaction will be automatically declined after 3 days.  You will be charged only if the seller accepts the transaction.

  • Once accepted, wait for your item to arrive.

  • AirRobe uses Stripe Connect's escrow payment service to keep everything as secure as possible. This means the buyer's payment is held until the order is fulfilled and the item is received.
  • When your item arrives, please mark your order as received so that we can release the payment to the seller.  Or let us know if "There's a problem with an order" within 7 days of receiving the item.


What happens if I don't mark my order as received?

If you don't mark the order as received or dispute the transaction within 7 days of receiving the item, then we may automatically mark the order as received and approve the payment transfer.



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