Renting on AirRobe (as a borrower)

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You can rent an item for either one occasion or one month, depending on what the lender has selected in the listing.  One occasion is for a period of 5 days.


How to rent an item:

  • Browse hundreds of your favourite brands from our fashion-loving community on the AirRobe marketplace.
  • When renting an item for one occasion, enter the date by which you want to receive the item in the 'Receive-by date' field. The 'Return-by' date field will automatically be 5 days after the 'Receive-by date'. 
  • Choose your delivery method (if applicable i.e. pick-up is available).
  • Select ‘Rent’ and log in to your account or follow the simple instructions to create an account.
  • Add your payment and delivery details.
  • The lender has 3 calendar days to accept or decline the transaction.  If the lender does not respond, the transaction will be automatically declined after 3 days.  You will be charged only if the lender accepts the transaction.
  • Once accepted, wait for your item to arrive.  The lender will send you the item at least one day before your event.
  • When your item arrives, please mark your order as received so that we can release the payment to the seller.  Or let us know if "There's a problem with an order" prior to the date of the event.


The listing will also state who is responsible for dry-cleaning the item and if try-on is available or not. Try-on refers to the borrower being able to try on the item before purchasing.  


If the borrower is responsible for dry-cleaning the item, please ensure it is dry-cleaned before returning.  If not appropriately dry-cleaned, the borrower will be charged an additional cost to cover the cost of cleaning.


Late fees

Both lenders and borrowers must ensure that items are sent and returned in a timely manner.  If the item does not arrive by the day of the borrower's event, the borrower is entitled to a full refund once the item has been returned to the lender. However, if the Borrower wears the item during this period, they forgo their right to the refund. Let us know "There's a problem with an order" if the item was not delivered on time. 


The borrower should alert the lender as soon as is practicable if the item is going to be returned after the 'Return-by date'. The borrower is liable to pay the lender $25 per day for each day that the item is not returned, up to the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of the item. The parties should decide on the exact figure between themselves and funds should be paid directly from the borrower to the lender. 


Damage or loss of rental items

If the borrower damages an item, they are required to alert the lender as soon as is practicable. The parties should attempt to resolve the situation between themselves. The lender should provide photos of the damage to the borrower and receipt(s) detailing the cost to repair. The borrower is liable for the full cost of repair, unless otherwise agreed between the parties, and should pay the lender directly. 


If the item cannot be repaired or is lost, the borrower is liable for the cost to replace the item (dictated by the retail price), less any fees already paid to the lender. For example, if the borrower pays $50 to rent the item and the item's retail price is is $300, the borrower would be liable for $250 to replace the item. 


If the parties cannot resolve matters between themselves, AirRobe will investigate and validate the relevant claim(s) and determine a course of action to resolve the matter. By choosing to transact through AirRobe, both parties agree to adhere to AirRobe's determination. 

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