Listing an item for sale

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To re-sell an item on AirRobe, first make sure the item you're selling is in your Wardrobe.  If it's not already there, follow the steps for manually "Adding an item".


TIP: Make sure you have set up your bank details in the "Get Paid" section in Settings, so that buyers are able to purchase your items.


How to list an item for sale

  • Log into your AirRobe account and select "My wardrobe".
  • Find the item that you want to re-sell and click "Re-sell".
  • Fill out the below details about your item.


Listing details


Be as honest as possible so that the buyer is clear about what they are purchasing and the transaction is straight forward. If there are any flaws, make sure you document them.

You can select:

  • New with Tags: The item has original tags and shows no visible signs of wear.
  • New without Tags: The items is brand new but does not come with tags.
  • Like new: The item may have been worn but has no visible signs of wear.
  • Gently used, no obvious signs of wear: The item has unnoticeable signs of wear.
  • Well loved, visible signs of wear: There are noticeable signs of wear which must be indicated in the condition notes

If the item is not "New" or "Like new", be sure to add your own photos and some notes about the item condition so buyers know exactly what they are getting.  If adding your own photos, you might want to check out our tips.


Selling Price

Choose the price you want for your item. Setting a fair price will help the item sell. Is it from a sought-after brand or does it have long-term value? Is this style currently trending? Take some time to research prices for similar items. You can also decide to turn on smart pricing.  

  • There's no need to add a currency sign beside the price, just select the currency from the dropdown list. 
  • We have a minimum item price of $20 as we have found that items below this threshold tend not to be of high enough quality for resale


Shipping Fee

You can decide if you want shipping included in the selling price or if you want to charge an additional amount to cover the shipping cost. We find that buyers are more likely to purchase items when shipping is included in the selling price which is why we pre-select if for you but you can choose to turn this off and charge an additional shipping fee.


Smart Pricing

You can also decide if you want to use smart pricing or not. Smart pricing automatically reduces your selling price over time until your item sells or hits your "floor price". The "floor price" is the lowest price that you are willing to go on that item. Items have up to a 70% higher chance of selling with smart pricing which is why we pre-select it for you but you can deselect it if you want. You can always lower the price at a later time by editing your listing.


Delivery Method

Select whether you'll post the item, allow pick-ups or both


Your Location

Enter your location so buyers know what suburb you're in. This helps buyers to better understand how long it will take for their item to arrive.


List Your Item

That's it, your listing is ready!  Every repurposed item is reviewed by our team to ensure it fits within AirRobe’s collection criteria.  It may take up to 48 hours to be approved and edited.  If there are any issues we will contact you.  Sometimes we'll ask for some more information or proof of purchase such as an invoice, certificate, sales receipt, or proof of authenticity. Once approved your item is live on the AirRobe marketplace and you’ll be notified when you have a buyer.

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