Photo tips for your listings

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Photos are an important part of any listing as buyers typically like to see the item they are purchasing. They are especially important if the item condition is not "New" or "Like New" as it will help buyers better understand the condition including any flaws.  

  1. Make it fresh. Use your Mum’s advice here: give it a wash, hang it out to dry, and steam/press it to refresh it back to life before taking your photos.
  2. Light it up. Your phone and great lighting are all you need. Avoid using flash as this can add shadows or reflections.
  3. Backdrop. Use a plain background to make your item pop. You can also use tools to remove the background.
  4. Details, details, details. Show the front and back of the entire item, but take some photos at various distances to capture the detail too. Make sure to clearly show any flaws, signs of wear or other imperfections. Take a close-up of the texture, the label and any interesting features.
  5. Model it.  Ask a friend, take a mirror selfie or post a throwback from your socials.  
  6. Keep it steady.  Use a tripod or other support system available for you phone.  If you don't have one, hold your phone firmly in your hands and keep your elbows tucked in. Try resting your elbows on a table or placing your phone on a flat surface.
  7. Prove it. It helps to add a photo of a receipt, authenticity card or certificate to act as a security guarantee for your buyer.

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