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Sellers are responsible for delivery once a buyer purchases an item. It's up to the individual seller to decide on the method of delivery that best suits them.


Shipping Fee

When buyers are contemplating purchasing an item, they take both the selling price and shipping fee into consideration.  We find that offering free shipping, or even reducing shipping costs, can help sell your items. When listing an item for sale, the default setting is that shipping is included in the selling price but you can choose to charge an additional amount to cover the shipping cost.

Currently, you can only charge one shipping fee. You are not able to differentiate costs for express or standard shipping services or for domestic or international locations. If you do not wish to ship internationally, you can include a note in the product description section of your listing and choose to reject any transactions that are not domestic.


Delivery Method

You can decide which delivery methods you want to offer when listing an item by selecting whether you'll post the item, allow pick-ups or both.  Currently, you are not able to differentiate between different shipping services, such as express or standard delivery.



We encourage you to use eco-friendly packaging when sending your items such as sustainable, recycled or reused packaging.  


Shipping labels

We recommend getting your products to customers faster (and money in your account sooner) with our shipping partner, Sendle. Sendle guarantees cheaper national delivery rates than your standard postal service. Plus, the AirRobe community receive Sendle Premium membership free, so you can start saving $1 per parcel!



When you have sent your item, please update your buyer by clicking "Mark shipped" within the transaction. You should also send the buyer the tracking information in the "Write a reply" section as this lets them know where the item is and when to expect it. Should anything go wrong and the buyer opens a dispute, there's also a record of your tracking information which we will take into account when reviewing the dispute.  

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