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Collections allow you to organise your favourites and curate different items.  You can create collections for items you are selling or renting.  Or, you can use collections to create wish list for items you'd like to purchase or borrow. You can add as many collections as you want and curate each collection however you'd like.


How to create a collection

  • Go to your profile page and select "Add collection".
  • Choose a name for your collection and click "Submit".


How to add items to your collection

  • Browse the AirRobe marketplace until you find the item you want.
  • Click the love heart on the upper right side of the item, "My favourites" will automatically be selected.
  • Select the collection you'd like to add to.
  • You can also deselect it from favourites or create a new collection.  


You can view your collections from your profile where you can also change the name of the collection, change the cover image, or delete the whole collection by clicking on the collection and selecting from the dropdown menu under "Edit". You can delete items from the collection or move to another collection by clicking on the love heart again.

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