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The settings section of your account is where you can edit your account and profile information, update your email notification preferences and view all your transactions.


Profile Info

You can update your profile information which is visible to all AirRobe users in your Profile page. You can also add your last name and phone number, which are not shown to other users, and set your location.  When creating a new listing, the location will automatically default to the street address or city or postal code that you save here which means you won't need to manually add it to every listing.



You can view all your AirRobe transactions as both a seller and a buyer (starter).  The most recent transactions will automatically show first, but if you click on "Latest activity", the oldest ones will be displayed first. You can also filter by the transactions status. Within each transaction, you are able to navigate to the following by clicking on:

  • "Listing" - to view the original product page
  • "Status" - to view the fees, conversation related to this transaction and order updates
  • "Starter" - to view the buyer's profile page
  • "Seller" - to view the seller's profile page 



You can update the email address associated with your account, change your password or close your account. Please note, you must have at least one email address associated to your AirRobe account that is able to receive notifications. If you don't want to receive any emails from AirRobe, you can review your notification settings.



You can select if you want to receive occasional marketing emails from the AirRobe team.  You can also choose whether or not you receive notifications to the email address associated with your AirRobe account for various different activities on the marketplace.  Please note, you will always receive the notification to your AirRobe inbox.  We recommend only turning these notifications off if you log into your AirRobe account frequently as you may miss important, time-sensitive updates.


Get Paid

You need to add your bank details to your account in order to receive payments into your nominated account. Buyers are also unable to purchase items from you until this is completed.  Please complete the requested details in the Settings>Get Paid section of your account.

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