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Your items will not be searchable on the marketplace and buyers will be unable to purchase from you until you have added your bank details to your account. You can do this in the Settings>Get Paid section of your account. AirRobe does not store payment, banking or credit/debit card information.


All of AirRobe’s transactions are securely processed by Stripe Connect who are an industry leading online payment service. They are done via an escrow service, which means that the buyers money is held until the order is fulfilled and the buyer has marked the order as "received". At this time, all proceeds will be released automatically to your elected bank account and you can expect to see the payment within 3 business days.


Settings>Get Paid

Please complete your name, date of birth, address, phone number and bank information. When adding your phone number, please do not add any spaces and include the country code (e.g. +614XXXXXXXX for an Australian mobile number)


To comply with regulations and complete verification Stripe may require additional information such as a copy of a government-issued photo ID, a proof of address document, or both. This is required to authenticate the identity of customers and ensure the safety of our community. 


If these are required, you will be prompted to upload the relevant documentation. Files need to be JPEGs or PNGs and smaller than 5MB. It's not possible to verify PDFs. Files should be in colour, rotated with the image right-side up, and have all information clearly legible. If your file size is too big and you are using your mobile to take a photo of your document, try bringing the resolution of your camera down to the lowest setting.


Proof of identity

A passport or driver's license. If uploading a driver's license, a scan of the front and back is required.

Proof of address

A driver's license or photo card. If uploading a driver's license or photo card, a scan of the front and back is required.


Updating your bank account details

If you need to change or update your bank account details, you can do so by navigating to Settings>Get Paid>Edit payment information.  Please select "Update bank account", edit the information and click "Save details".  

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