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Every time you purchase a new item from our Circular Fashion partners, simply tap ‘Add to AirRobe’ and we will automatically pull the details of your purchase and upload it into your AirRobe account. Any purchases you make on AirRobe marketplace will also automatically show in your wardrobe.  


If you forget to add a purchase to your wardrobe before placing an order with one of our partners or if you have another item you wish to repurpose, you can manually add products and list them on the AirRobe marketplace.


How to manually add an item to your wardrobe

  • Log in to your account, select ‘Add an item’ and follow the simple product instructions.
  • Some details are required so you won't be able to progress in the flow without entering these details. Others are optional but we recommend completing them as it will help buyers find your item and understand exactly what they are purchasing.
  • After completing all the details of your item, click "Save item" to store it in your AirRobe account.
  • You can choose to keep your item private to repurpose later, or;
  • If you'd like to repurpose it now, click "Re-Sell" for "Listing an item for sale" or "Rent" for "Listing and item for rent".

Required details

Title The brand will be automatically added to the title so there's no need to include it
Photos You must include at least 1 image but we recommend 3, see photo tips for more
Brand Select from our approved brands or type in a new brand for consideration
Retail Price Please do not include a currency sign and round up to the nearest whole number 
Category Many buyers search by category so make sure you choose the right one
Sub-category Selecting the right one will make your item easier for buyers to find
Size Guide (if clothing) You can select more than one size if your item would fit a range of sizes
Label Size & Fit Notes

Please include label information and fit notes (i.e. fitted, relaxed fit etc.)


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